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[Image: pokemon_logo_lizensen.jpg]

C'mon... no Pokémon thread? No love for Pokémon here? Well I'm a bit surprised by this. I've been a Pokémon since it was around. My brother was into it more. I only had Pokémon Red & Blue for the Gameboy. They're pretty fun games.

The thing I found with Pokémon... it is addicting. It is a very addicting game. It's so addicting... someone may develop a rather unhealthy obsession with it.

Anyway... any Pokémon fans here? I'm sure there are.

Pokemon is my life!

Kick ass! Just as long as you don't make it a big huge obsession like uploading walkthroughs and let's play videos of it. You're pretty much cool and safe then.

*comes out of pokemon closet* Turtle

I do play pokémon. But i'm not a blind fanboy! I think the series needs some serious progression.

I agree, it's due for some serious progression. There's a couple of new games coming out next year. Maybe it'll have the progression you're looking for.

I love pokemon!

But only the games....for their unique gameplay.
But i do LOVE the games.

Though they haven't put much effort keeping up with the times i must admit.
Black and White Seems pretty good.Confusedmile:
But it's what Diamond and pearl SHOULD of been.:redface:
And some of new pokemon are......of questionable quality....
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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