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Preparing myself for death due to hypothermia
Funny how our bodies finally adapt to the type of climate we are subjected to the most...

They say it takes your body six months to acclimate to a new climate. I grew up in western NY for and lived up there for 24 years. I have definitely seen my fair share of snow and cold weather. Thats why I moved to SC to get away from that crap. The first few months I was down here I thought I was going to die from the heat. Ive been down here for four years now and love it.

How to stay warm up yonder so you do not freeze to death? Carhartt is a excellent brand of outdoor wear if you want to stay warm. Invest in a good pair of winter boots, gloves, hat/ski-mask/hood and coat. Coveralls or bibs work good as well if you plan being outside for longer periods.
Carhartt - Category - Men's

Like Timmy said layers work best. That way if you get to hot you can take a layer off so you dont sweat and get chilled. Thermal undergarments work nice to keep you warm as well as sweat shirts and sweat pants. Thermal socks are nice as well for keeping your feet warm. I hope this helps. If all else fails ask the natives for advice on how to stay warm.

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