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what happened to Duffy???
When Duffy came out with her first studio album ROCKFERRY she was billed as the next Amy Winehouse,the album was nothing short of spectacular earning multi-platinum status in a number of countries but particularly sold like hot cakes in the UK,it is then unfair to expect a new artist to achieve or surpass the level of success with their second albums. As a fan for new acts I was shocked to see her new album start at number 4 on the charts then start tumbling down not to mention her first single which really doesn't deserve much writting about. Has the market changed or what? You can't possibly go from having one of the biggest albums of the year to barely making the charts on your next,or maybe i'm missing something...lack of promotion?

It happens all the time. There was massive publicity helping to break that first album. How often have you read about her this year? She's also changed record label and management since Rockferry.

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