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When a MAN
Mr. Not So Lonely Wrote:Well it is obvious that a few of the posters here have never REALLY been in love , I lay next to my man and watch him sleep and think how lucky I am to have him, and YES there is A BIG smile on my face.

one day when you are ready for something MORE then sex you may understand this.

(bunch of sluts think sex is love ) lol

I've been in love for quite some time now....I just think some of this list is over the top is all. Then again maybe me and my jess are out of the gushing love phase. As far as watching her sleep. I have to say never done it. I crash first and wake up last.....LOL:biggrin: I don't know if she's ever watched me but maybe...and it is a little.....odd....sweet.....and odd. So yea i'm in love...but I guess i've past flowers and blue skies. It's still wonderful though.Wink


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