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Being Gay
>.> Stupidity such as this doesn't deserve a response...

Louis Wrote:Being BIGOTED is wrong. It is a serious mental disorder that needs to be addressed worldwide. It is not normal to be BIGOTED. If it was so normal than there woudn't be so many people against being BIGOTED. I see some of you even believe in God. How could you? God doesn't accept anyone being BIGOTED and it clearly says so in the Bible. You can't make up the bible to suit your disorder. You all are fooling yourselves in believing you do not have a mental defect. You need to get professional help for your problem. Being BIGOTED is very wrong. You people are all sick so please get some help and quit spreading your BIGOTED propaganda as if it is ok to be BIGOTED because it is not.
Sorry, had to correct you.Wink
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

~D5~ Wrote:>.> Stupidity such as this doesn't deserve a response...

You do realize you responded by posting that? Invasion

Louis is a professional troll.

Revolutions009 Wrote:Louis is a professional troll.

In the event that I should come across as (using a term I only just discovered yesterday) extremelly "camp", I will defend myself and say that I am hardly so in person.

OMG!! -squees- Your avatar is sooo freaking cuuute!!

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