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You're banned game
I ban me for worrying too much! :frown:

I ban monk because it is the silly season.

^ You need a season to be silly? You're banned! :biggrin:

Well not really I am always silly Rofl I ban me.

Me too! Rofl

I ban the local Electric Company.

5 years ago they built a subdivision (the Enclave - its real name, spooky huh?). Instead of examining the fact that the road here is barely 1.5 lanes and that the electric grid established in the late 1930's was designed for a few houses on a rural route, instead they upped the size of the transformer and try to push through God only knows how many kilowatts through the two wires that were meant to serve less than 1/4 of the houses that are on it.

This morning I woke up with a bang - another transformer blew as the wire connected to it shorted out (fog this time). So what are they doing? They are installing two transformers and not pulling at least 2 more strands of wire...

Idiots. We wonder why the infrastructure in America is failing.... gee I wonder.

So I ban the electric company, the gas company, the water and sewage companies - hell I ban the stupid politicians who are so busy making laws to keep me from marrying instead of making laws to cause these service companies to upgrade and step into the 21st century.

I would ban Bowyn, except that doing so might unban all the idiots he banned so, I'm banning myself for even thinking of banning him.

i ban blue for banning himself

I ban Bowyn's electric company for proving that the idiocy pool has no bottom.
I hate those thongs blowing up , the last one that blew outside of our house took 4 magpies with it.

Rainbowmum Wrote:I hate those thongs blowing up , the last one that blew outside of our house took 4 magpies with it.

i ban rainbowmum's thong for exploding and killing some magpies 0___o

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