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You're banned game
banned for provoking. One day, Mister, I will drag you kicking and screaming here, so you could bow in awe in front of The city Smile

aww, promise you won't be screaming THAT much Wink

Banned for living in prague wherras i live in herne bay and thats not fair, get off the premises now please :-)

Banned for being British

Banned for opening your mouth

banned for being no fun

Yes but it wasnt said in a fun way, if it was id be happy, oh your banned!

Do u want to say anything else spades!

Man u idiot, say something else SPADES!

Banned for stealing my real name.

I am David - I'm the only David, I had that name nearly 18 years before you stole it. Give it back now.:biggrin:

I ban Nick for slowly disappearing.:biggrin:

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