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You're banned game
I ban BYo, for daring to ban me, i've put in to become a mod so it may be permanent matey.

I ban BENDERBOY, cause otherwise ill be perma-banned Sad

I ban byo with the mighty ban hammer of justice!!

I ban Rawr some people need a good hammering.

I ban benderboy for being hammered.

I ban azulai, in preperation for the permaban he'll have coming his way if my application to become a mod pans out.

I ban benderboy, because baning is what I do best in the thread.

I ban Rawr for taking pride in what he does here

I don't always ban people, but when I do. I ban the person above me :3

And that is why your banned byo!

In that case i ban Rawr as he's above me and he hasn't learnt to count yet,

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