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You're banned game
Banned for confusing the issue with facts!

Banned because the only one doing the banning around here is me! The Emperor of the Intergalactic Empire!

[Image: 540241_415174751836225_458014635_n.jpg] [Image: elf_tracker_by_jrcoffroniii-d5rl3tw.jpg]

Banned for eating with a tuning fork instead of a dinner fork.

(BTW, nice you took time to dig up my avatar off the nets). Xyxthumbs Xyxthumbs for the extra effort!

Banned for not knowing he may have just right clicked on the avatar and saved the image.

Banned for speaking gibberish.... We all know you hunted for hours on Google images to find a copy.

Banned for not speaking gibberish Tongue

(Chris Jericho rating my ban vvv)


Banned for having that Jerico Fella as a signature... Honestly honey, you can do a lot better than that in a man. :biggrin:

Banned for not being a bird watcher.

Come on, he has a blinking jacket xD

As for partisan.. banned for having a different term for "Farting Owl" as your title.

Banned for handing me a fish and calling it a bagel.

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