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You're banned game
And locked there! Lalo is banned for not using the hidden text feature. Uh.

Banned for not Banning Partisan..

Poor Partisan is feeling unloved and unwanted all because you, yes you Nickolaus - failed to show him a little love and ban his ass.

For shame.

Sad banning myself for being so unreliable.
Banning partisan for being the reason of my ban.
Banning Lalo for being the reason for my not banning partisan which was the reason of my own ban.
And banning Bowyn. Without a reason.
And if anybody dares to ban me because of banning without a reason, they will be banned and locked in one cell with that mistress of Lalo!

Have I covered everything? Big Grin

Ban Nick9 for getting me all wobbly kneed and worked up about this: -

Useless facts: Bull elephants penis is about 2 meters long and is prehensile - meaning it can wiggle and squirm and be used like a tentacle. Hubba-hubba-smiley

Now I'm into bestiality.....

I'm disssspickable!

Trial by error

Oh, I can't win this... Big Grin

banning Trial for not remembering that it was not me who had posted that

Banning Nick9 for denying his fixation on prehensile, bull-elephant penis! Rofl

banned for thinking an elephant's penis is better than a wolf's penis

Banned for making me blush Big Grin

Nick9 Wrote:Oh, I can't win this... Big Grin

banning Trial for not remembering that it was not me who had posted that

You didn't ????

Banned for making me look like a twit what's now looking for a 2 meter ......

Banned Banned Banned Banned Banned Banned Biglaugh Biglaugh

Trial by error

Banned for making me laugh when I desperately needed it

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