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You're banned game
banned for being underland

Banned for not saying which one....
Alice in underland <or> The cronicals???

I'm sitting in the mall munching pie & gravey and ,sloshing it down with a Coke, perving everything that catches my fancy Hubba-hubba-smiley

banned for not sharing the man candy that you fancy

Banned for fancying another man's man-candy fancy.

banned because ive missed my wolf pack

Banned because your pack has missed you as well! Smile Wolfgang

Still got posting issues

Trywait... easy peasy.....

after 13 years, if it's legal, it's eye candyHubba-hubba-smiley

banned for not knowing that

Just been "'put-in-the-picture".
My son's trying to set me up with a date.....

Trial by error

banned for not going on that date.... Wink

you think my son knows my taste?

I'm off to melt a wedding ring

Trial by error

Banned for melting the precious .

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