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There seems to be more Errors and Warnings then I can count... I guess this does tell me whats going on, but how can I act on solving these problems?

There's stuff like "application hang" and "BROWSER" and...ya...stuff.

double click on the error - it should give a bit more info and an error id number - you can try a search on that error id at the microsoft site

To be honest I have to agree - I really do not like Vista.

It takes AGES to boot up, and when it does you feel as though it's almost crashed before it shoots through the last few steps of the boot process.

You will not BELIEVE the level of incompatibility, sometimes with Microsoft's own product lines, which exists under the Vista banner, and that is something Microsoft should feel EXTREMELY ashamed of *stabs his Microsoft Voodoo Doll repeatedly before biting its head off*.

Additionally, I have experienced repeat-crashing with some of Vista's own default functionality, like the OH so snazzy-LOOKING "side bar". The number of times people bring their laptops to me to have a look at because the bleedin' side bar decides to flash up error messages about how it's "not working" without giving ANY sort of appreciable reason for the crash is insane !!

Don't worry, that's my rant over, but the message I would send is AVOID VISTA LIKE THE BUBONIC PLAGUE.


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!


glad I still have XP Pro

I have never really had any problems other than the occasional typical Microsoft CRASH


I second that notion Wink

now now, come along, vista is a pile crap. but its still an improvement. even at this early stage. i much prefer its look if nothing else to that of XPs. although i hav proper vista, i changed its look to 'basic', cos all th fancy see through swirly shit gets on my nerves. i suppose th basic looks make it run faster anyway. however, my friend has an imac and up til i saw the thing i hadnt rly taken any notice. it doesnt m, its so quick, everything is ther for a purpose and as far as i kno, ther rnt rly any worries about memory usage. vista is a little (understatement) buggy at the moment but it is nice....... for windows.

well Windows was always a bit buggy . it's half the fun!

and I saw my first Linux blue screen CRASH at work the other day - that was not at all cute!

First off I had Windows XP Pro then went to Vista Business I hated that it blue screened everytime I tried to load a pic or a video because Vista did not properly support my grapics card. :frown:

Since then I decided to let Vista rest for a while [that was a year ago now] then a month ago I got another copy this time again was Windows Vista Business I was given a driver that worked for my graphics card but the dual head support was full of bugs and getting the display settings right was annoying to say the least. :mad:

I ditched Vista Business and tried Vista Ultimate that was crap there was no point. Then I wiped my laptop clean and installed a fresh copy of XP Pro which is what I am running now and I am happy with it. :biggrin:

I have tried Linux too and I hate it; and oh boy does it hate me, we don't get along. I like editting things and it likes to die so we get along in that respect. Rolleyes

GayComputerDude Wrote:and only a matter of time before someone figures out how to corrupt it as bad as windows

As for this well I hate to burst bubbles of people who think they know anything about computers but Windows XP versus Linux or Mac for security the bottom line is that they all tie.

Linux is no more secure than windows, the reason so little viruses exist for Linux is because no-one cares and no-one has the time to write a polymorphic virus that can infect the vaious distributions of Linux.

As for Mac, no-one runs Mac for any purpose that would be worthwhile disrupting. Wink

Well Im on XP home, which is fine for this laptop, I had this thing with pc world which meant they upgraded me to vista, just like it was too big for my laptop.

In uni its all vista.. so I guess I kinda gotta get it, but new laptop in jan so WOOO.

Dreading buying office 2007 Cry So expensive..
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.

My new toppie will come bundled with Office 2007 & I excitedly ordered Vista Premium (the real fancy one) but that was before I knew all this! Sad

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