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couldn't 'perform'
Hello there,
Dont get embarrissed about loosing an erection during sexual intercourse... It is a perfectly normal thing that happens and the more you try to force it to stay up the less chance you got of doing it. Some people prefer to have another guy just give them a good old fashioned rogering whereas other guys like to do the dip wick moments.. Whatever happens during sex never feel bad or regret it and if he doesnt want to do anything other than a quick wham bam thank you mam then your best bet is to think FOXTROT OSCAR! The whole point behind having sex is you pleasure your shag buddy/partner/friend/enemy (whatever relation they are to you) in ways which you find would give them the same satisfaction that you get from giving them it..

Honestly dont panic or worry about this because its happenned to me before I usually say Oh look its gone soft.... *point* then add a few bits of humour and flirting in and say something like... Well go on then it aint gonna suck itself is it lol

As i said many times now dont panic this is all normal stuff that happens in intercourse

kindest regards

zeon x

You're certainly not the Lone Ranger. It happens to everyone from time to time. Best to just forget about it and move on. Maybe the next one will be "for you". The best is yet to cum.:tongue:

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