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Mr Humpries just died....
:frown: I suppose I've seen him several times on television in that famous series 'are you being served?' but wouldn't know what he looked like.

And was he a british gay icon?

that is terrible. i like his humour very much. i see him in pantomime few years ago and he was very funny.

Hi Norbert and Marco,

That's sad. I've only watched 'Are You Being Served' once or twice before as it was made in the 70s... I remember an old woman with blue hair talking about her 'pussy' and John Imnan saying his catchphrase "I'm free!" though!

Got this blurb about it from the Guardian...

Are You Being Served? actor dies

Mark Oliver and agencies
Thursday March 8, 2007

[Image: sp.gif][Image: inman5.jpg]
John Inman. Photograph: BBC/PA

The actor John Inman, best known for his role in the BBC television sitcom Are You Being Served?, died in hospital early this morning. He was 71.

Inman's manager Phil Dale said he had died in St Mary's hospital in Paddington, west London, at around 4am after being ill for some time.

The Lancashire-born actor's character in Are You Being Served? was menswear assistant Mr Humphries, who was famous for his camp catchphrase "I'm free".

Some critics said the character was a homosexual stereotype but many viewers were very fond of Mr Humphries.

The sitcom, which first aired in 1972, followed the staff off a fusty department store and was much-loved by the public. It once attracted more than 22 million viewers for an episode in 1979.

In more recent years, Inman had performed in pantomimes in the UK and abroad.

Inman's long-term partner, Ron Lynch, was said to be devastated by his death. The couple, who had been together more than 33 years, entered into a civil partnership in 2005 at a ceremony in Westminster.

This morning, Mr Dale said: "John, through his character Mr Humphries of Are You Being Served? was known and loved throughout the world. "He was one of the best and finest pantomime dames working to capacity audiences throughout Britain." John was known for his comedy plays and farces which were enjoyed from London's West End throughout the country and as far as Australia, Canada and the USA."

Useful link
BBC: Are You Being Served?
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