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What Am I to Him? :(
Hi guys,
I'm back. This http://gayspeak.com/need-your-advice/144...e-him.html , it was about my relationship with my close friend.

I've come back with more concerns and I really need help.

Okay, so after I came out of closet to him. He said that he is not gay. And we are still good friends. But after that day, I felt our relationship was kinda suck, not as we use to be anymore. But all of the sudden, last month, he finally came back and hang out with me quite often again, not as much as before, but better than the past three months. Now, we are very open to each other. He jokes around with me sometimes, he's the only one who knows that I'm gay.

But this time, he is already in a relationship with a girl in other states, but they are from same hometown. He told me that he has gf now. I congrats him. I already stopped liking him when he told me.

One day, he texted me that he's coming to sleep over at my place. and of course, I said yes. So that night. As always, I hug him when he's asleep. But this time he's topless. So I kinda kiss his back and all u know.
And here come the surprise that I never thought he would do, he turned his body around and hug me plus legging me too. I was in a shock moment. I keep hugging him and kiss him. I kiss him on his cheek. I was awake the whole night. I looked at him all night long. Then I just rub his body, including his front chest and nipples. After a while, he rubbed my back in return. So, I started to touch his ass and tried to go for the front, but he stopped me. I didnt force him, I let it go and just sleep.

And when he's awake. He asked me what did we do. I told him everything.
Then he said, he needed to take a revenge on me, so he started playing with my nipples. I've never done this before. I am very naive, I know.
Then he asked me to do it to him as well.

Then he started licking my nipples. and that really turned me on. I cant stop myself... it was my first time and first experience. he was really good, i guess. then he asked me to do the same thing. so i did and he seems to feel good too. he even grab my hair and all. then we switch couples times.

when i licked his nipples, i was over him and i can feel his penis erecting. so i played with he penis. then once again, he did it to me and he played around with my penis. He asked me whether or not he can take off my boxer. I said yes. they he started to play around with my dick. Then start masturbation.

this is my first time experience.

THE THING Im CONCERNING right now is...... Is he straight??! Or may be he's just lonely ..... or is he lying to himself that he's not gay... I'm so confused. does he have some feeling towards me? Give me some comments, thanks

Just enjoy it for now, maybe talk to him when he is ready. Ask him if he is curious, how he feels about you, if he has had previous relationships, etc

Well, that is defiantly not straight.
Just go with the flow and let it be.
My best friend and I were in denying (both of us) for 2 years. We were best friends with benefit (lot of benefit).
But then he tries to go again the flow (forces me to go back to closet). Then we fell apart.

But anyway, just stick around, experience yourself more ( both of you ). Eventually, he will figure out what he likes (boy of course). And then strike.

best thing you can do is keep friendship as friendship[... He may be bi curious or may just want to experiement.. I mean when it comes down to sex sex is sex regardless whos it with however attraction determines our sexuality

kindesr regards


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