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What to do????? Help!!
So, here´s my problem!
I know a guy for 1 year now! He´s absolutely adorable! The problem is he´s in a relationship, but my roommate has an affair with his boyfriend for a half year now!
Obviously he knows about the affairs of his boyfriend but he ignores it because they are already together for 13 years!
So! On a party this weekend we made some pictures and had a lot of fun! He sent me all of them and wrote how cute I am and that he loves that picture of me and that bla bla bla!
Yesterday we wrote until midnight and talked about everything! He asked me if I have a boyfriend and he wouldn´t wonder if I have because such an amazing guy like me is always in a relationship.......!
I don´t know what to do! I really like him but it feels just so wrong! First the fact that my roommate is one of the affairs and that he is in a relationship and on the other side I don´t know if he likes me more than just a friend and he still is in a relationship (it´s a really weird one but it still is one)!
I´m so confused and I hope you could give me some advice! Shit! I always just meet guys which are in a relationship or not interested in me!!

Have fun! It sure sounds like all these other guys in your life are.

best thing to do is support him and respect him with his current situation and if it changes tyhen give it a go if it doesnt then love him as a friend.. its what id do

kindest regards


It's really up to you, but be realistic. I.e. if you feel safe and trust him and it doesn't bother you that they are open, then go ahead... but remember that it's just casual as he is in a relationship, and keep yourself open to other relationships. If it bothers you to be with someone in a relationship even casually, then just remain his friend.

well, this definitely sounds like it comes down to a personal choice. Focus on what you want. Do you like having this open element in your life or not? try not judging yourself and figure out what u really feel about it.

If everyone knows whats going on then fine.. but the secrecy stuff can really mess up friendships.

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