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Thinking about running.
I am thinking about running for congress in 2024. I will be 30 years old and you only have to be 28, what do you guys think?

If you think you have something to offer you should do it. With a little brilliance and lot of luck you should be able to raise, in the next twelve years, the millions you'll probably need.

Far too young IMO. Lots of new politicians now seem to have spent their entire life in politics and have never done something 'real'.

If you want to go into politics do so with some real world experience.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Good for you. If you want to go into Politics, you cannot start too early. Law is usually the best way to get into the sphere. I would suggest a dual degree in your pre-law studies, one subject should be history if you want to be a competent Politician (btw, there are far too many incompetent politicians). Do work in the real world as Fred stated before you get into politics. There are numerous nonprofit, NGOS that need lawyers and it would be a good stepping stone into Politics. Be diverse in your social interests. It is almost universally necessary to have some experience in Education and Economics. Get involved in leadership programs in college, run for student senate, get involved in you Universities GSA and its political clubs. Volunteer and work during political campaigns.

The first thing that comes to mind is if you are serious you need to be very careful and consider each thing you write on a board like this or any social networking site because it will all be a consideration if you ever did decide to run for any office. Once you put it out there it will be a matter of public record.

In other words...try to avoid questions about getting f*cked or sucking dick:biggrin:

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