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Online Dating..? How? and Does it work?
So I'v joined a couple online dating sites. There all pretty much the same.. but I haven't had alot of luck or motivation to carry on a conversation.. I mean you message someone you talk about your hobbies and things you like to do. What music you like, Tell each other your cute etc. blah blah.

I dont meet alot of gay guys and I dont like the club/Bar Scenes for meeting people.

Now what? How long do you stay in contact with someone before you approach them for a coffee date. concert, or something...? Smile

LOL they dont teach you this stuff in school haha Icon16

I know how you feel. I'm the same way.
I tried it, and it can be okay, if not taxing. I was on one for 6 weeks before I chatted with a guy that I ended up meeting. I tried to get to that point with a few guys, but it didn't work out. I was naive in relation to it all, so my experience wasn't all that great. I think it can be effective, you just have to know what you want. I'm more than likely going to go back on it when school starts back up.
As far as when to meet in person, well, that's hard to say. You don't really interact with the person until you meet face to face, but guys who rush to meet seem desperate, or wanting something other than to get to know you. Just take it as it comes, and when you think you've chatted with him enough online to know him, talk to him about meeting in person, and see how he responds. Regardless, don't do it until YOU are ready, and then see if he is ready. That's very crucial. If he really likes you, he'll wait for you; if he doesn't, he'll keep pushing the issue, trying to guilt you into it. Likewise, be patient with him. I think online dating can be a very effective way to meet people, so just go for it, and be patient. Confusedmile:
Good luck.

Can anyone offer any real world advice on how to minimize the risk of meeting people you've contacted online face to face? Having gone to grade school just as the internet was beginning to take off, I feel like my generation was taught to fear meeting people online. Obviously, with the number of relationships starting in online dating sites taking off, not everybody you meet online is a child molester or knife-wielding maniac. It's almost like abstinence-only education versus safe sex education. We were taught that the only way to be safe is to never meet someone online in person, and what they should have taught us was how to do it safely. I'm sure that, like sex, while there will always be some risks inherent to the activity, there are steps you can take to minimize them.

Online gay dating sites is OK for me.

Quote:So I'v joined a couple online dating sites. There all pretty much the same.. but I haven't had alot of luck or motivation to carry on a conversation..

Me too. Usually on gaydar and lately i have tried verygaydating
Main trick - you have to invest some time and start and keep conversations, view other guys.
Upload your best photos - dont forget this! You will sure find someone!

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