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Was It Really That Easy !!??!
hiiii guyz Big Grin its been a while since my last post but here i am again
i posted a thread b4 about this guy i met (chinese/spanish guy)... he's never been in
a gay relationship b4... had 3 Ex Girlfriendz...i guess he was just curious and didnt
know what he wanted... bla bla bla...

anywayz... we r in a relationship for about a month now.... he asked me to be his boyfriend
in less that 10 dayz of speaking for "at least" 10 hours a day :$ i know it might sound
fast but i think we made a good foundation for our relationship...

we've been even planning for our future together now... and hopefully we will meet soon
enough (coz he lives in another country) and we will move in together (hopefully after his
graduation in december)....

anywayzzz... that was a brief about the last month with him :$...
this relation has given me strength more than i ever dreamed of...

last night i came out to my sister... and it was really good Big Grin at least i know she doesnt
hate me (she is more religious and stuff) though she still cant accept the fact that im gay and that im crazy about my boyfriend...

it was really easy and simple talking to her.... i really hope the same goes with my mom
when the time comes...
i would really love him to meet my family and i hope they could accept the both of us

im REALLY happy and i had to share this with all of u guyz Big Grin

Congraatulations and thanks for shareing ^_^ I'm glad things are turning out well for you!

thanks for ur wishes Rawr Big Grin

Aww congratz guy! Wishing you guys the best!

Hey cograts hope everything goes well best of luck Smile

Im glad things are working out for you and im sure you both will be together for ages. Confusedmile:

you met him online? good luck i do wish it works out..

thanks sleeptalker and Merging Big Grin

Amen Braz :$

thanks Gabby... i really wish that too

thank u all guyz Bighug

OOOOmfg, honey, this is all so great!!! You don't know how happy I am for ya right now!! Holy shit, another happy soul out there, and I swear, you deserve it!!


thank u thank u thank u SlipknotRlZZ Big Grin cant imagine what this means to me :$


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