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Wuhahaha.. Hell no.. I love Elder Scrolls as well... Those are the RPG's that brought everyone up to speed.

I've been playing Ogame which is good fun. doesn't take up much time but still got to keep an eye on it!

Check it out http://www.ogame.org/

About all I play is WoW and I've started up MapleStory...

WoW I play on Kel'Thuzad, I've got too many freakin alts, but my main's a 42 holy priest, Dranei (Suikun)

Maple... well, I just started today, and it's been pretty damn fun! I'll see where it takes me... I forget which channel I'm on, but the name's "technogoth"

I tried getting Ragnorok, but for some odd reason it hates my computer... i also tried to get 9Dragons, but that too messed me over... Runescape I used to be a complete addict to, then after middleschool I ditched it (grinding SUCKS) and I've heard that Flyff's pretty fun... once I get bored of Maple I'll go check it out xD

I still play Phantasy Star Online: Episodes 1 and 2 for Gamecube... great game, it's a shame they shut down the server a little while ago...

But yeah... I <3 RPGs... MMOs can be better, but as proved in Diablo 2 and Runescape, not always.
But enough of this nerd talking... bed calls...

I would love to play Ragnarok~ but I'm holding out until Ragnarok 2 comes out in a couple of years.... by that time I should have a computer worth playing a game on....

It seems that whenever I buy a laptop or desktop, if I had just waited a few months a system that would have been decent for gaming would be on sale... thems fate I guess.

I played WoW for a time, but I just got bored b/c of the community. . . I prefered the community of FFXI but I don't and won't dedicate 6+ hours a day to level up. I don't have that kind of luxary. I miss my little tarutaru RDM Sad

Right now the only thing I have time for is My Sims and Animal Crossing for my DS, which I love to play before bed. Simulators are one of my favorites, but nothing could beat a good RPG.

Well I am a big Final Fantasy fan. I can't help it! I just get drawn into the stories and the characters. My two favorite FFs are FFVII and FFIX. I must have played through both of them 5 times because I love catching things that I didn't catch the previous time I played through.

I must admit that whilst I'm a TOTAL slapper for video games - I've been borderline addicted for ... ooh ... my entire LIFE ... I do tend to try and stay away from online games as they are just a bit TOOOOO addictive for my delicate taste ...

... ADDED to which you have to pay to play some of them, and that REALLY :mad: annoys :mad: me - you buy the game and then you have to subscribe to PLAY it ? No ta.

I did think that Oblivion was an absolutely AMAZING RPG tho - the single best offline RPG I've ever played to be honest ... might have to sit down and do a beginning-to-end FAQ/walkthrough for it at some point, as even the official guide leaves shedloads to the imagination =./

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

shadow Wrote:... ADDED to which you have to pay to play some of them, and that REALLY :mad: annoys :mad: me - you buy the game and then you have to subscribe to PLAY it ? No ta.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

I'm 100% with you on that one!!! Tis why I'm a GW person and wouldn't go near the likes of WoW.

Indeed !!

Unfortunately it just means we ultimately wind up missing out on the entire online revolution thingamajig, but to be honest I'm not THAT fussed at the moment ... I've not seen anything that's entirely online that I couldn't live without ...

Oblivion was a prime example of a game that you could play offline with just as much satisfaction ...


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

Say, just wondering... anyone here ever tried the Phoenix Wright games?

I'm an addict xP best game series ever as far as i'm concerned.

Never even heard of it. :confused:
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I learn to love it more and more.

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