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Ideal romantic meal
So what would your ideal romantic meal be ?

Let's say it should be three courses because it's a romance, and in a romance MEGA-SEX-NOSHING-SESSIONS are NOT a follow-on from a 3-course dinner for two ... what would perhaps follow would be a gentle walk to the carriage, where he would sweep you off your feet (or you him off his), and whisk you away for kissing and cuddles ...


Three courses ... gogogogogogo.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

You know what they say ... the easiest way to man's heart is good food. I would make a joke here and say the easiest way to a man;s heart is with a knife but is wrong so i wont! Laugh1

To me the ideal romantic meal is the one cooked by him with affection... but yes a dinner out is most welcome as not many can cook or are lazy. Gosh.. i am spoiling the romantic atmosphere with my references to reality aint i?
That's me... lol

3 courses :


Pasta or stuffed past such as tortelini with cherry tomatoes and oysters

Salmon with cream sauce, peas, asparagus and mushrooms

A strawberry pudding prepared with a few drops champagne or a tiramisu accompanied by a glass of champagne.

Then a fine cocktail because i cant have wine would be nice.

No need to say what should follow after this aphrodisiac meal. Wink

I should think you'd be scraping them off the WALLS after that babe :biggrin:.

NICE NICE NICE - I approve xx

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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