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Can anybody translate these for me ?
Sweet !! :biggrin:.

Thanks babe Bighug.


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

Well, I am afraid that the first and the last do not seem, at least in this form, greek or at least as a native speaker I cannot recongize them. It is more likely that it is one united word, rather thatn two seperate ones. As for the rest, the meanings are the following: (i) by vullo meh I suppose you mean boulomai pronounced /vulome/ which means 'I want' , 'I desire'; (ii) malistar is certainly wrong the correct being 'malista' which in this context would suggest an affirmative answer to an order, something like 'yes, sir' and (iii) prostagma means 'order, command'. Hope this helps!

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