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I'm young and wanting a text buddyyy! ;-)
new here, anyone wanna new friend?

dont be a DORK, and learn to internetz. tis dangerous asking for ze texting buddy. i advise you chat with people on the chatroom before you just start passing out your bloody phone number. It makes you look desperate. DONT BE THAT GUY. If you're lonely make a friend on the chat and exchange emails. other than that dont go overboard and pass out your number until you've video chatted/skyped! WHICH EVER! anyway- tidings, welcome to GS, hope you make a friend!

ok lets see i am an older guy that is fat a slob and trying to hold on
when i was in my teens i usto advise older guys[B] i know i know
in the gay life most older men that listen to young men usally are willing to
put with lots of things and turn into yes men so long as their chances are still open they play along but i carefully analized every thing that happend i can say this was not what was happening at that time so i have alwaysed liked to try to help people or at least
tryed to educated to make them think. So anyway thats been my life.
altho the way i have had an intestering life. had a lover for like 34 years and found for me
it was inportant that i not let eago or self importance to destroy our relationship.
And did not let the breeders to tell me how to live my life no mater who they are or what type relationship they had to me I have always happyness is the most important thing in life
Yes i know i like to talk alot but i like too listen as that is the way people accidently reveal themselves and their mentel patterns of thought.
so till laters guys and gals

BigC Wrote:Heyy! I'm new to this site bu I would like to have an older guy to "talk" to. I'm 16 FYI! :-) email me if u wanta be that guy。

sure but only about other things and will not get involded with you on sexual things i like to give good advice and help younger guys i am on yahoo as oldster320 hope to hear from you

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