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Ever met anyone off the net??
I met a couple people from another forum i'm part of, not a gay forum but a... hobby? (more like a lifestyle, but you choose it. lol) It went well, both of em were cool. I met my boyfriend online over a year ago and we just started out as friends... have been boyfriends for 6 days shy of 5 months now Smile and call, text, send pics, and skype daily. We never run out of things to do or talk about, only time Tongue I think we'll be pretty safe when meeting up, I have no worries in my mind (other than bursting out in tears of joy, but that wont actually harm me). Plus I'm the big one, so I'd probably feel safe anyway. lol

Jay Wrote:
72jay Wrote:Earlier this year I met a guy off another forum that I'm a member of .. just for lunch.
If I may ask, do you keep in touch with him after that lunch? How did the friendship go from that moment?
No didn't really keep in touch...by that I mean:
We "talked"(via PM's) on that site a couple times in the few weeks afterward.
And ofcourse have posted in the same threads plenty of times all along, sometimes replies directly to eachothers posts
(I'm still a member on that site & spend allot more time there than on this one LOL)

Jay Wrote:Ok. I sound nosey though
Actually no, your question doesn't seem nosy at all to me Smile

I've pretty much done it all in regards to meeting people on the internet. Going to conventions out of state to meet online friends, meeting guys and going on dates with them, hooking up online (I will admit to doing that.) Hell -- I even met the two roommates I live with online.

I've never had a bad experience actually MEETING people from the internet. KNOWING some people on the internet, however, is an entirely different story. I've been cyberstalked multiple times. Not a fun experience, but thankfully that's safer than them actually stalking you in person.

(11-12-2011, 09:32 PM)zeon Wrote: Hi,
Anyone ever met someone off the internet??? I know in todays society it is pretty common and is still a danger to both old and young... When i was younger i went to wales to meet someone who was same age as me which went well but wshen i was 18 i met someone online and he seemed cool, i wanted to move out of home with step dad being a twat back then and i moved into a flat with him.... What i didnt know wasa he was a raving alcoholic with a violent temper who destroyed most thingts i had and kept me as a bloody prisoner.. I kept getting parking tickets as he broke into my car and kept stealing my permit to park and he destroyed my internet and mobile and the final straw came when i had my hand broken... I couldnt ever get justice as he was a ex high court judge who was struck off for many reasons to do with sentencing... I was kicked out several times and then begged to stray which foolish to me and naively i did until i left then one day after i moved out i got the news id waited for through being abused my someone i thought was a friend..... He had moved to london and over dosed on drugs... Riddled with aids and never looking after himself his health gave up and before he died naturally he died through self neglect....

Has anyone met people online and if so how did it go?

kindest regards

zeon x

Yes, a few. Not so pretty. 

I came out in 2010 and was excited. A guy named Dean who works in the same office building was flirting with me. He always whistled at me. I got a little too excited so one day both of us were in an elevator. We stood side by side. Behind us were his male colleagues and few strangers. I stupidly asked if he wants to grab a coffee on spot. His colleagues giggled. I guess Dean was embarrassed so he said no. I avoided him since then. Few months later, I stumbled into him in a shopping mall located across our office building. He whistled. I avoided him. He chased me back to the office. While he didn't do anything wrong, I wasn't in the mood to see him. I did apologise to him months later before I resigned from my job. In 2018, I was in a train station paying my ticket. I thought I heard that whistle again. But I didn't think much. I was in my train when I saw him. He was outside. 

In 2014, oh boy. A guy who works in the same office building flirted with me a few times. I developed a crush. I didn't know him well but I know his colleague, Sam quite well. I was still fresh from coming out - excited and oh so romantic, I wrote a love letter 2-page long and handed it to Sam. I asked Sam to give it to the guy. A day later, everyone from that company looked at me strangely. Sam as well. I have another friend working in that company. She dragged me to a corner inside the office building and told me that the guy read my letter out loud to everyone in the office. I shattered. Sam was kind of disgusted with me. Again I avoided people from that company like plague since then. Sam lives near my house. I stumbled into him many time until last year. He wanted to say hi but I don't know. I ignored him. As for that guy - I heard he got fired.

Then there was Kian from New Zealand. He works in a different company but on the same floor. One day I was in my office and heard a rang at the entrance. Kian and her female colleague were standing outside. I opened the door. He asked if I would ever go out with him. Her female colleague was there to support him. I said yes. He smiled. Long story short, it never happened especially since Kian was in Malaysia only for a few months. And the company moved out the building.

Then there was his business partner who owns the company that he was working in. I forgot the guy's name. A year before, I asked him out. But he said I was a bit too young for him. I think he was 40-ish at the time and I was in early 30s. I said no problem. But for whatever reason, he tried to chase me few times since then. And he gave me his number. I thought it was a little weird. But nothing happened.

And then. The sweet security guard who works in the same office building. He asked me out for a movie. I gently declined because this happened when the letter incident happened. I wasn't in the best condition at the time.

There was another guy approached me. But didn't work as well.

All these happened in the same office building from 2010 until 2015.

And then few more unlucky flirtations in the gym, other office building, train station etc. after 2015. 

I guess I'm terrible when it comes to this subject.

My two regrets -

I moved to a new company and noticed this one guy who works in another company in the same office building. He always acted weird when we stumbled into each other. I didn't get it until months later. One day I got out of an elevator and he was standing outside waiting to get in. We looked at each other. I said, "Hi there, good afternoon." He froze. Not sure what to do. I walked away. A week later, we stumbled into each other in the lobby. He winked at me and so I smiled. But nothing else. Months later I left the company. I didn't get the chance to see the guy again.

Then there was this guy in a train station. I was waiting for a train at Platform A. He was waiting for a train at Platform B. Platform A is opposite of Platform B. He looked at me. I smiled. Cute guy. We were the only two people there. I remember it was Friday during lunch time. Most guys went for Friday prayer because Malaysia is an Islamic country. The guy was an expat. And I am agnostic so I didn't go pray. I went out for lunch. Anyway, our trains arrived. I got in my train. He got into his. His train doors were about to close when he rushed out and yelled at me asking for my number. My doors closed. I didn't get the chance. That was it.

And then there was Mr. T. The most confusing thing ever. We met in the gym few years back. He approached. We clicked well. He sent me home from gym every night. We talked on phone for hours daily. We went for dinner follows with movie in cinema on every Friday. Lunch on Saturdays and Sundays. He held my hand and called me, 'Baby' in front of other gym members. For nearly two years.

One day I asked him, "Just to make sure, are you gay?"

"No, I'm straight." He said. He wasn't kidding.

I was like, what?

We had a fight after a third party comes in. The third guy wasn't happy with my relationship with Mr. T. It was very telenova. 

I was so in love with him. He was the only guy that I truly in love with. I waited for him for a few years after we 'broke up' but nothing happened. Especially because he fell into depression years later. .

He has recovered from his depression and now is a successful dentist. 

Few years ago, we texted each other to apologise. 

We still follow each other on IG and a few times, we liked each other photos. We respect each other and have moved on.

Regarding to Mr. T - I think he was in denial and perhaps confused with his sexual orientation. Perhaps he is bisexual but was in denial. He was an alpha guy in the gym. All guys looked high upon him. Great guy but yeah.

Again, I'm pretty unlucky in this territory. 

I should go to sleep. It's nearly 4am.

My most serious relationship I met on a dating website. There's been gay guys that have flirted with me in real life, which I sometimes flirt back, but none yet that I've dated.

I met at least one person on this forum in real life. We might meet again soon.

Generally, when it comes to meeting people for the first time that I met over the internet, I try to arrange it in:

a.) a public place with plenty of witnesses in case he's a serial killer
b.) a place near an area that has good shopping or sight-seeing so I have something to do in case he blows me off

I met my first boyfriend online. When I was 17 I pretended I was 18 and joined this gay chat room of students and made a lot of friends (some I’m still in touch with even now). First I met one guy and stayed at his for a few days (as friends) then the guy who became my bf/ex eventually came to my hometown and stayed a couple of nights in a hotel. It’s crazy looking back to the think I just met these people (especially the one I went to stay with); this was back in dial up internet times with no camera phones so none of us knew what we looked like. I was just lucky I guess and like to think I’ve always been a good judge of character. There were a few guys on there I definitely would not have met.
Gossip is the Devil’s telephone; best just to hang up.

I met my partner on a internet dating site in 2013 and have been together since. We have been living together for 5 years now. Good things can happen.
I can EXPLAIN it to you but I can't UNDERSTAND it for you

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