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ma poésie
New thread, someone posted their own stuff on my last thread and while I appreciate other people's work I really got rather upset about that, so I'll ask now that this thread be my random crappy poetry and any comments you peeps post, and that's it. Thank you.

Sleepwalk the night,
Simulate life,
Stroll on over
The perfect strife.

Thunder cracks,
It cackles it's cruel,
Evil laugh,
A laugh to kill one and a half.

To escape,
Get out of this place...
I need to go.

He's so perfect,
So fucking perfect.
It hurts to be with him
But, it's so fucking worth it.

My vision blurs,
My judgement is gone,
As long as you're here,
The dawn never breaks.

Before, there was dark,
Now it's so bright,
You keep me safe
With your pick-me-up might.

Your sex is fantastic,
It's really the best.
I just want to do you
And never, ever rest.

You're heart's on the line,
My heart's on my sleeve,
Because I'm with you
I'll never leave.

Now just so you know,
Yes, I'm in love,
It's not infatuation,
It's a gift from above.
I've compiled a list
Of the things that you do,
The disgusting things that
Only you do.

You drink from the carton,
You don't take out the bin,
You mess up my hair,
I have to wake up to let you in.

You fart all the time,
You burp too, it's quite gross,
You leave to door open,
You eat the most.

You don't wash the bath out,
Don't even ask about the shower,
Oh, and last time you showered,
You were there for an hour.

You're silly, you drink,
I have to feed your pet,
Yet when I'm with you,
These things I forget.

So you see, it's good things
And there is some bad,
I'm totally in love,
You must think I'm mad.

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