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second date
Well had my second date with this one guy.

The first date was kind of a talk session but the second date we went out and saw Immortals. (which was a good movie) this date started out with with dinner or he had dinner I was not really that hungry. Through out the whole night tried to talk and keep a conversation going but each topic just seemed to die. and during the movie he seemed more into his phone then me and I also tried leaning towards him but he never leaned toward me. Now personally I don't feel that there is any sparks there like I though there was the first time.

Is it just me, thinking this is dead in the water or should i try again?

Seems to me someone lacks social graces. Him... not you.

I would say that this would be a deal breaker for me someone spending lots of time on a phone while at a movie. Those things have off buttons, save battery life and at least show some interest to your date.

I personally am no good with conversation and small talk (What I lack in verbal skills I more than make up for in writing skills :tongue: ), so I can understand dead end conversation and needing someone to lead the conversation.

The phone thing.... kind of rude in a movie theater on a date.

I give this guy one thumbs down.

I give you two thumbs up for giving an honest go Xyxthumbs Xyxthumbs

Thanks Bowyn for the kind words, Sad thing is it took almost a month to go out on a second date, yea I know I wanted to go slow but even I think that was way to slow. Oh well time to move on.

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