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A very diverse world...
Homosexual acceptance and possibilities to have legal same-sex recognition.
This Wikipedia map shows where life is easier for gay couples in the world. It's still a matter of (good) life and death, unfortunately, but things are gradually changing.
[Image: 2000px-World_homosexuality_laws.svg.png]
The countries in navy blue recognise same-sex marriage, those in other shades of blue accept same-sex partnerships or will recognise same-sex marriage and partnerships from other countries.. Countries ranging from yellow to dark red make same-sex relationships illegal but from (yellow) not / hardly enforced legislation all the way to applying the death penalty (dark red) or imprisonment (red). All of this would be very worrying if it weren't on the brink of changing.
Your thoughts?

I am reminded of the growing acceptance when this gay Irish mum (presumably Catholic) listens to her son announce the news... His father doesn't say a word.

Thank you, Catherine Tate... Remember, folks, this is a pastiche / comedy...


On the other hand, there are still self-loathing, self righteous people who go about ignoring their reality and themselves.... Some peole don't WANT acceptance. Again this is a pastiche.


This thread reminds me of a debate i've had with some moron on another forum site who thought that being arrested and imprisoned/executed for your sexuality/homosexuality isn't a human rights violation under the UN Human Rights act and Human Rights in general.
*Grinds teeth*:mad:

I thought those Catherine Tate Sketches were hilarious.:tongue:
Thanks for sharing PA!:biggrin:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Also Lauren knows how to aks the most embarrassing questions, though, innit?


Meanwhile Russia is going to tighten up their laws to make it illegal to talk about the gay.


Conservatives in America are actually behind African Laws to persecute gays.

All is not right with the world.

The war is by no means over... It most likely has another century to go before most of the world is blue (ok with gay). And then that will only be on paper.

While gays have 'rights' and domestic partnership here in my area of California, people are quite primitive in their feelings on the matter.

The Catherine Tate scenes with Derek reminds me of a Will and Grace episode. Will is doing Meals on Wheels and takes a shining to a gay man names Clyde played by Richard Chamberlain. In the end Clyde overhears Will and Grace arguing on how Will will end up a lonely Gay man like Clyde....... who declares that Will misjudged him and that he is not gay.

BTW, enjoyed Colin Morgan as John... he does quite well in MERLIN.

I think Malaysia has progressed very well in accepting homosexuality. At least the urban side of Malaysia with its very modern and open community.

Yesterday my colleagues and I went to a shopping mall that is located just across of our office to buy Christmas goodies. We stumbled into two gay couples in two separate areas holding hands.

My office area is a gay hot spot area. This is the location where expats and foreigners live. This is where tourism takes place. This is where you can find countless of clubs, cafes and shopping malls. Gay guys are visibly everywhere. Even my office building is full with gay guys.

I, myself are out to public. People say it's risky due to my race and my former religion but baby steps are needed to make big changes in life. I don't want to lie to myself for the rest of my life.

I am quite amazed by the number of countries who I thought had gay marraige. There are not as many as I had thought. We are accepted in many countries but most frown on this. I am so glad I live in Canada where I have that right to be married if I and my partner so choose. looks like a lot of the world needs to catch up with us.

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