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big 'n' small
im 5'11 and i still feel short lol. i prefer a person to be my size or a little taller.

I'm 5'9 (possibly 5'8 without my boots on :biggrinSmile. Most guys I have dated have been taller than me, although, my most serious relationship to date was with someone shorter than me, so I enjoyed being big spoon for a change!

Ok. I read these i while ago, so i'm not sure they are still true but:
5'10" is the average height for a guy in the UK
6' is the average height for a guy in the US.

If i remember this was a survey, these result could mean one of two things:
1)What they say
2) US men are more likely to lie about their height/lie about their height more than their UK counterparts.

Or...it wasn't a survey.:redface:
Gah! nevermind....

I'm 5'5.5" (Which i round up to 6:tongueSmile
And...height has really never bothered me in other guys.
Perhaps if i had been in any relations i would of seen a pattern, but meh.:redface:

Yes, i feel short. Like i'm stuck as a 14 year old.:redface:
I worked out i should be as tall as my dad at least, but i've ended up five inches shorter.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

I completely agree with Ceruleean haha Tongue

Ceruleaan Wrote:I'm short too! But I think of it as cute sized instead Big Grin

For a while Marks and Spencer's labelled their small men's clothing has petite, thankfully they stopped doing that. But I'm not sure a short man can ever be called cute, well I've never been called that..!


I am 5 10 and i go for people based on their personality not been with someone who is taller than me yet lol only shortrer

Veyr odd for me an my guy,Im only 5,6 he is 6,2,,,,Im white,,,hes black,,hes 12 years younger than me,,only thing we have in common really is that we were both born in the year of the rabbit according to the chinese calander,,,,,And weve been together 12 years now,,,,:biggrin:

size doesn't matter 4 me..

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