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first car, current car, dream car
what was your first car?

what is your current car?

what is your dream car?

1. 1983 gmc s-15
2. 2001 escort zx2
2002 mercury mountaineer
3. either a ford escort cosworth rs, or a new lotus elise exige

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

2011 Hyundai ix35


what was your first car?
1965 red hardtop ford mustang //Fords most successful launch since the Model A

what is your current car? (s)
-1992 Honda Civic - VX //daily driver, 5th gen civic, last car Mr Honda singed off on
-1999 v6 Tacoma //not as functional as my previous 1985 Tacoma
-2001 ap1 Honda S2000 //fast

what is your dream car? //lotus elise

First car besides The valiant that I half owned.

Was a 1969 Ford Falcon XT GT , that I called the "Silver Lady" after mounting a genuine Silverlady RR hood ornament on her.( that was a whole lifetime ago B.C before children.)

Current Car is a Mazda 323.

My dream car is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 that I will never own as there is no road in Australia to open her up on, Plus someone would have to invade Saudi Arabia so I can afford the fuel.

First was a 1963 Volkswagen bus

You might be thinking something along these lines: [Image: volkwsagen-bus-7.jpg]

However it was more rust than paint. The rear compartment was lacking a floor - long rusted out, the solid roof leaked and it only had the front seats... basically springs will pillows tied on covered with a blanket.

It only cost me $50. What she lacked in looks she more than made up for in go power.

My currently vehicle (owned solely by me) is the 1977 GMC suburban.

Again you may be thinking something nice and cherry. Nope, its flat painted what I call brown (the partner insists its taupe), jacked up slightly, with great towing capacity. I ripped out the back seats and built a false floor, I haul all of my tools and can haul lumber, dry wall, plywood on top.

My dream car? That would be a horse. I only drive because its a modern necessity.

First car was a 1976 XC Ford Falcon

[Image: 2439450039_large.jpg]

Current car is a 2000 TE50 Ford Falcon

[Image: 3214224913_13dee89cca.jpg]

Dream car is a XR6 Turbo Ford Falcon.

[Image: ford01_l_700.jpg]

that falcon you have is sexy. i wish we got cool cars in the states. but nope.

1. 87 Ford Escort Wagon
2. 2001 Ford Escort zx2 and 2002 Mercury Mountaineer
3. Saab 95 Aero Wagon

wakeboarder Wrote:that falcon you have is sexy. i wish we got cool cars in the states. but nope.

The next car I am buying in the next 12 months, my dream car, is even sexier and a lot more fuel efficient for a 4 litre 6 cylider car.

The car I have now has been vandalised to the point that I would have to spen $8000 repairing it, that on top of the $5000 I have already spent repairing previous damage from vandalism.

All done by the same 2 people, they were part of the extended family.

I would kill someone if they messed with any of my cars.

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