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Is Thailand really a gay paradise?
First of all, for all Thai netizens here, no offense, I don't mean to pick on the Thai people. But I learned that Thai is pretty open to the atmosphere of transgenderism. So I'm just wondering if there's a possibility that Thailand is a place that has greater acceptance to homosexuality compared to the other countries. So many of my friends (BTW I'm from Hong Kong for those who don't know), just after they've been to Thailand, told me that there were so many gay bars and drag shows in the place. And actually all of them are straight and that's why it's not possible for them to find these bars on purpose. So, is Thailand really a gay paradise?:confused:

I vaguely recall hearing that transsexuals sometimes prefer Thailand because they can get SRS there without jumping through a bunch of hoops as they have to do in western nations.

OTOH, I also vaguely recall a thread here in which someone from Thailand was anxious about other Thai Americans seeing him as gay.

In any case, you might find this interesting:


I think amongst South East Asia's countries, Thailand is probably the most gay tolerable and friendly. If you read the LGBT history in Thailand via Wikipedia, you can see why.

Thailand's airline has transsexual flight attendants too. It really shows how Thailand can fully embrace homosexuality.

While I have always known Thailand to be one of the more relaxed of Asian nations when it comes to homosexuality, It has also been known as a 'paedophiles paradise' and the 'sex capital of the world' . Maybe this is an indication of the nations liberal views of sex and sexuality.

It is an industry that embarrasses the nation as a whole and in recent times, the last decade, there has been a concerted effort to clean up the industry and remove the shameful 'Paedophiles Paradise' label that has been inherently attached to 'Thailand'.

I think the shame is not only Thailands, but the westerners that are creating the demand for sex with children on sordid 'Sex Tours' which prey on the poorest of the poor.

Sad that their name has been tarnished in such a way because Thailand has so many beautiful attractions and seem to be a peaceful peoples.

before you put your two cents here look at the op profile, kinda shite?

not one of my proudest moments but please read the link

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