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Dry spell over
Tuesday night I bottomed for a friend for the first time since my teens. It was awesome. I never knew anal could be so enjoyable. I made sure I relaxed and used lots of lube. It was slightly uncomfortable for the first minute or so but after that I was thoroughly enjoying myself. He was hittting my prostate just right and it was driving me bonkers. The bad part was he only lasted 4 minutes before he climaxed. I wasnt able to top him because of some unresolved issues Im having down yonder. Long story short my sex drive is shot at the moment. I still enjoy giving pleasure to my friend though. He told me the bj I gave him the other night was amazing so I must be doing something right. Im just a bit concerned though that my inability to perform is a big turn off to him and he will eventually find someone else to have nsa sex with leaving me alone again.

Quote:Dry spell over

Yeah its raining here too Wink

If you have a medical condition that is being treated, he most likely will be understanding, understanding falls under the general definition of love.

4 minutes to climax may seem like a bad thing, but most likely its because it was a really hot, hot, hot experience for him, ergo it was good.

Voice your concerns to him, you most likely will find that his running off to someone else is the last thing on his mind. And he may be concerned about premature ejaculation for himself, so be prepared to assure him his short comings....

Oh God was that a terrible pun or what? :tongue:

Congrats! I always considered myself like a pure top then the first time I went bottom which was a few years ago was amazing! I actually was at a bar with my best friend Lisa and I got SUPER wasted! Which at the time wasn't anything new, lol. There was this tall hot blonde haired blue eyed guy there and one thing led to another, I wasn't planning on taking anal, lol, what I remember was we were both giving each other head, then it goes blank, and next thing I know i'm on my back and he's inside me and it only took a second for me to love it! Now I bottom every chance I get, at least 80% of the time, lol.

Of course that experience made me think "what else am I missing out on?" So now i'll try anything once! Like, literally, f-ing anything! lol. I don't know if that's a good thing or not though, it hasn't gotten me into too much trouble yet...

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