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Christmas Preparation (Before 5 Dec Surgery)
One word to say..WOW...

Jay Wrote:Oh sorry for the confusion Bowyn. I started out my weight loss on 2005 and nearly completed on 2009. I reached my ideal weight on 2010. So it took me almost 5 years to lose weight. I've corrected my original post.

In order to lose such amount of weight, I disconnected myself from social life for three years. I gave my 500% to lose weight. I was determined. So on the first three years, my life revolved around my jogging park and my house only. I completely changed my lifestyle and surprisingly it wasn't difficult.

Physically, it was challenging on the first year. Mentally, I say ... People can be cruel when they need to be. I remember crying the whole day in my bedroom alone after being mocked like crazy by passersby in the jogging park.

To lose weight, I relied on changing my lifestyle and my dietary.

On the first three years, I focused on brisk walk and weight lifting. I was unable to run because of my weight and injured leg.

By 2009, I incorporated stairs climbing into my exercise schedule. I climb office building's emergency staircase from the ground floor to the 30th floor. I used to do it every day but I now only do it three times a week.

On 2010, I re injured my leg and had to stop exercise for 3 weeks. I struggled to walk. Once recovered, I found out that I can run again. I had happy tears. I never stopped running since the day I found out. I also joined a Hip Hop dance class.

I faced 'culture shock' after I returned to public. It took me time to adjust but I am fine now.

I only started to apply job on 2009.

Thank you everyone for the kind words and supports.

Hopefully everything will go smoothly. Well okay, bye guys.

The mind boggles at not only the challenges you faced, but the challenges that you conquered, you are a brave and beautiful man and I admire you so much Smile

wow that's awesome and you office looks great. you do so much for others I hope it all comes back to you.

Hey, Jay. I'm late but I wish you a speedy recovery and I'll be sending positive healing thoughts your way.
You look great! Confusedmile:

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