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why am i gay
sc4456 Wrote:according to scientists, if you have older brothers when they are in the womb hormones are given to you from your mum which are feminine ones and your older brothers will have fought them off but the hormones adapt and change so when you are in the womb you cannot fight them off and are under their power haha

dont know if i believe it tbh hahah

I'm the youngest of four boys... parents brought this concept up to me once before, don't know what I think either.

But on a totally different note while I was slightly inebriated watching some porn last night, my internal dialogue ran through this thought process and it made me happy:

I'm happy I'm a guy who likes guys,
That's weird that that makes me happy,
Oh wait no it's not weird,
I'm a guy who likes guys, and that's who I am,
And I like that, that's good, not weird,
I like who I am....

my hair may give me away some people would say, but anyone ive ever met have always been shocked i am gay as i dont come accross as it , just look as thought i love my metal and body mods haha which i do but am not straight haha

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