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Good vs Bad
246 Yay!

[Image: thumbsup.gif]

245 ...................................

Jump in...the water is fine:biggrin:

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSl6Uxrj3aZ2OWgNyhczuq...FEMzD20gla]

244 So cute.

[Image: LOL61.gif]

Too Cute! Where do you find these videos? I was just watching the video of Bella and Tara ...Tara is an elephant who is kinda famous...she belongs to my lovers cousin so it is also kinda sad on a personal note...Bella who is a dog and Tara were best friends and last month Bella died...so heartbreaking...have you ever seen that video? (you'll need tissues...that is why I was happy to see your video because it made me laugh)

Oh yeah....... 243

Awww , how heart breaking ,that is so sad , I swear I am the worlds biggest crybaby .
It has gotten to the stage where my husband will change the channel, if it is on an animal show.

Glad I could make you laugh.

The collection of clips are from all over , some from Google most from email attachments.
Feel free to use any of them,one of these days I will get around to uploading them all.

Oh before I forget , should have La ley del dese by Thursday, spoke to a friend of mine about it , and his lover happens to have it .
I can hardly wait.


Gives a whole new meaning to In your face.:biggrin:

[Image: funny-gifs-watch-his-nose-wiggle.gif]

LOL:biggrin:...what is that blue stuff?...that looks cool...where can I get some?:biggrin:

I used to not want to admit that I was a crybaby but I have relaxed a bit and will admit it now...especially with animals. Me and my lover both were sobbing for the last part of Black Beauty...have you seen the version with Alan Cumming narrating?

I try really hard not to cry but I don't usually succeed stopping it. I have to avoid the Animal Planet abused animals shows...I can't handle it...but I like the Big Cats show...

...have you ever seen this video? It makes me cry....but in a good way....

...and lastly.............. 241

242.............STILL trying to be a good girl and do my part

243 ------ well done airborn :biggrin:

Painting: So easy an elephant can do it - Wink

Now was the elephant trained to paint that one painting, or if left on its own devices will it paint other things?

[Image: fiat-242-02.jpg]

241 We have cookies. :tongue:
[Image: tumblr_lv2y7qljwO1qdjplro1_500.gif]

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