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Any experiences on long distance relationships?
I am totally falling for this transsexual living in Philippines...she's so cute and adorable ^^ i'm not in relationship with her yet, if ever, but any advice on long distance relationships would be very welcome. Like on EU-Philippines scale?

thanks in advance ^^

good luck. its not going to be easy but go for it. youll have to deal with not seeing and holding her in person and constantly doubting her sincerity.

Definitely not easy.....I've been in two, neither worked out. One was between New Jersey and Oklahoma, the other New Jersey and New Zealand.

The kiwi from NZ and I are still friends, we exchange birthday and Christmas gifts.
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

Currently trying my hand at a transcontinental relationship.

It's NOT easy.

Definitely trying to close the distance because I hear of very few that work, and those that do don't really resemble anything I want a part of.

Could work in the short term, but long distance and long term seems unmanageable ESPECIALLY talking Europe to Asia.


Skype will be valuable.

Good luck.

I started my relationship with my girlfriend while she was in Guam and I was in Florida. The internet is how we met, on okcupid.com and we used Skype and messengers to talk for a few months.

She originally was from California and moved back there about 2 months after we started talking, then a month after that she flew out to visit me in Florida and the rest is history.

Long distance relationships can work as long as both people are honest and trusting, and willing to put in the time to communicate. Without seeing each other on a daily basis and having physical intimacy or being face to face, you have to be able and willing to spend more time talking (in my estimation).

Not only that, but eventually you'll need to meet in person and finances of both people can be the problem in the long run. In my case, I didn't have the money to go to California or even to anywhere else to meet up. She only had the money because she had some left over from her previous semester of school. After that, we wouldn't have been able to visit again for who knows how long. But fortunately for us, she had no commitments at home and was able to just extend her stay with me indefinitely until we both moved back to California together.

That's just how it ended up working for us. I ain't exactly trying to suggest that for you, but just talking about my experience...my dad and stepmom met over the internet about 12 years ago and they had the financial means to have my stepmom come up from Florida to Minnesota where we lived for 3 seperate visits before she finally moved in. I dunno what your situation will be, but whichever works is fine.

Wow Zack, your story gave me some hope. Thanks for others too.

Well, finance thing can be sometimes tweaked around with the value of Euro in regard to philipine peso. But everything else is difficult. However, I think that we might just be the kind of people able to pull it off. At least I know I am.

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