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How to deal with homophobic roommates?
If its a lease type agreement with a land lord I believe you have cause to break the lease due to harassment. I would get out as soon as possible or find people that will help you with a plase to sleep for the last month.

best thing i can say is get out put stuff in storage or something dont pay anymore rent you dont have to put up with thaat type abuse check into abuse shelters there should nit posatiive there is but should be one gor abused gays but what ever it sounds like the type action of haveing fun at your expence unfortunatly too much of this sort of thing happens. as far as the legel fact of owning them for rent they broke the agreement by ot supling you asafe and compatable residence and if it went to court you would probaly pevrail if possable get storage and get the hexx out of the situation becaause letting people messing with your head will just mess you up wnd to be around people that you feel are capable and threighten you harm you its not worth the hassel and fear they are putting you thrue i really dont know about your money or anything like that but have been in situations that made me do some humilateing things to survive but rather do that than llet them do more physoloicyal rape of your being for their pleasure or egos. just starting a revenge game or just touhging it out is really just makeing it worse for you check u.c.s.d for resorces or local schooit has been bad there for years did my basic in nay there

With regards to rent and lease. It is month to month, ideally I'd have to give a 30-day notice but I actually don't even have to do that, just move out and let them know day of is good enough. Rent is due the 1st of the month and if you move out early it is not pro-rated so even if I leave say, the 3rd day of the month I would be out the whole month's worth.

My therapist today said I shouldn't have to live in that, which I agree, she recommends I tell them to stop when they start saying shit but that's only going to make things worse, I'm sure. So I don't know what to do... The absolute best option is for my parents to help me out and then I can move as soon as I find a place but they aren't willing to do that and think I'm making like half of this up or more, which naturally I'm not.

So I don't know, I love those ideas on what to do to the place when I move out, I'll definitely do that! Staying on a friends couch, I wouldn't mind it but no way could I do that for an entire month, I'd feel horrible doing that to someone. And with regards to my stuff, I got all my stuff in storage already except for my laptop, cell phone, and some clothes. So I can be out in like 5 minutes.

So I don't know what I'll do, I'll try to figure something out this week but honestly I think I'm stuck here for another month... let's hope no one gets super pissed at me or is high on PCP or something and I should be alright...

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