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Activism supporting lgbt (or any form of this) rights
Would anybody have an idea where I can help in supporting the LGBT community. I need to figure this out within the next couple of days. I have an activism project in my Sociology class that's due by Wed and I decided to help in any way I can the LGBT community. I can help within the Chicago/Milwaukee area. Any help/ideas would be appreciated.

Give this a try , BTW welcome to GS.

Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
252 E. Highland Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53202


Thank you very much

My pleasure sweetie.

Rainbowmum Wrote:My pleasure sweetie.

Wow, you do have Mom Superpowers.... I'm impressed.

Bowd n Aerrow Wrote:Wow, you do have Mom Superpowers.... I'm impressed.
Yep , sure do my favorite Superpower is called Google. Wink

Rainbowmum Wrote:Yep , sure do my favorite Superpower is called Google. Wink

Bowd - You peeked!

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