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Wtf???? Really? Swat kills a marine??
ok, so im a former marine. did my years and i consider any other marine a brother. i dont know wtf is up with this. it pisses me off to no extent.. it really fucked up a good day.



OMG that is terrible.

that's so awful and the really screwed up part about it is that they probably picked him just because of his name.

Man serves the Military to insure our freedoms, and look what he is rewarded with, the exercise of those very freedoms he served for. Cry Cry Cry

The police are out of control, the justice system is not just.

This war on Drugs is over - WE Lost.

We need to legalize, tax and regulate drugs like tobacco, alcohol and other things. We no longer have boot leggers and the mob in control of speakeasies and running alcohol from Canada. Prohibition was repealed, alcohol legalized and things got a lot less complicated and there were a lot less Tommy guns on the street.

We didn't learn anything from history, and the blood of innocents are being spilled daily for a false ideology that is not stopping addiction and real criminals.

War on drugs is fucking shameful. Not to sound like a plug cause it's serious but I hope Ron Paul wins to put an end to all government bs. It sucks they killed a marine. US Government is evil. :[

The war on drugs is as absurd as all other wars on abstract nouns.

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