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just plain nice
well i have seen some behaviourtoward gay people that was just wonderfuly good you may say christian acts i will try to name aa few here
i saw agay couple that were relativly poor they had just moved to ssanfransisco and one sunday they were visiting fishermaans warfe anyway they were like a couple of kids with there faces pushed against the glass at the candy store and they checked their change to see if they could afford some french bread but decited with expences tey felt not so they wwalked on
they get like 1/2 block down the streetwhen an older lady catches up and says herre and hands them a loaf of breead and turns and walks away leaning on a cane well the lady was about 75 or so and was with her husband this was in like 1970 so a normaly not gay frendly now this couple
were very obiously gay they were holding arms together actuly the one was clinging to the others arm and just f she sliped 30.00 into his hand and told him to go buy some new jeans
rom the guys stance he looked like he should be dressed in a skirt
but was in a mr rogers sweater and cloths anyway the couple must have reconized he was gay
but they had bought the bread to someone that really would aprecate it but was too poor to aford it so the older couple just did this thing it is a simpel act of kindness and was really all the better that it was a gay couple that were the recipeants just plucked at my hart strings and made me love san fransiscos people more.
another time a guy thaat was selling jewelry on the street (my lover ) had lots jewelry but his braces had worn holes in tis pants legs and this fairly well dresed older lady came up and bought something and when he handed hr the change she sliped 30.00 into his hand and said go buy a pair of jeans but of course he didnt as he had pleanty of newer cloths just copyed ny normal mode of dress utillatarian. but nice thought she would do that there was like 20,000.00 worth of jewelry on the table that was displayed for sale we talked it over and he was a bit confused why it had happened but under stood when he realized she probaly had sons she always wanted dressed properly and he is handicaped so just combanation ofthings
the first
it was funny the prviously mentioned couple and i were walking down the street when a little kid around 10yo or so did not ask his age came up to the fem guy and asked him stright out if it hurt to be gayand got the anwser if it hurts it is being done wrong
anyway i have seen many many things that gave me hope that onne day wewill be ble to live together on this earth as equals andhuman race brothers and in san fransisco i have seen more of this i think because of the outness of the people so strights see us as just regular people not something to be worried about and protect their children from

I'm glad to hear of it. I spent some months in San Francisco and saw such horrid, barbaric behavior (and some with no humor at all) that I swore I'd never return (that's not to say there weren't exceptions and memories I appreciate). 'Course a lot of that had to do with the people I moved in with (drug addicts who just wanted to exploit me for my money), but a lot of chance met rude and even hostile strangers really made me dislike the city.

That said, I can't recall ever experiencing any homophobia or antigay bias while I was there.

Oh, and I did break my vow to never return to San Francisco as it was just too convenient to go through it than around it (and I wasn't driving), and I also really wanted to see the musical Wicked. Unfortunately Wicked was closing down and moving and one had to purchase tickets weeks in advance so I missed it, but I enjoyed showing my partner and the kids Golden Gate Park. That time people were just people, neither nice or mean.

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