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Bromance - GRINDR for Straight Guys Looking for Other Straight Guys... For Friendship
There is a new app coming out called Bromance. Its supposed to be a Grindr for straight guys looking for other straight guys for friendship. I don't think anyone but gay guys will be using this to find a DL hook up. I can't imagine a straight guy actually using this app to find other straight guys to hangout with. What do you guys think?

Bromance is a geo-location app that inspires guys to get up, get out and be active.

I think technology has gotten way out of hand....Wink

This is another app hoping to get people to be subjected to advertising to make a few dollars more... Its fluff and nonsense.

if your doing a major project; say a car, another pair of hands is great. especially if they smarter than you. gay straight or bi dosnt matter.

I agree with you though. only gay guys will use it.

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