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Bottom Confession
I confess that I love to be fucked. Until six years ago I always considered myself to be a top until I met my partner. Now I am a 100% bottom. Last night my partner fucked me. Felt so good but I wanted more. I thought how I would love to be fucked again by another guy. Just can't get enough. Any other bottoms feel the same way?

I am a virgin, but I like to bottom. I can feel something something down there when I am horny like girls with vaginas!

I love bottoming, it just feels so good. Any anal stimulation I like the feel of though.

I fell on my bottom in the wintry conditions the other day....!

Almac Wrote:I fell on my bottom in the wintry conditions the other day....!

Haha that made me giggle.

Yes and it made a few other people who saw it laugh too, there is nothing more funny than a short man landing on his bottom...!


Awww bless, *hugs*

I hope you didn't hurt yourself Almac.

I love the idea of being fucked! I'm a virgin, but this past summer I bought myself a dildo, greatest purchase for a looooong time. I had come back from vacation and was staying in one of my friends places while he was gone, and while my housemate's parents were vacationing in the house. I felt terrible because I took it like three times the first day I had it, twice in his living room and once in the bathroom. I also had fresh porn mags which I practically scattered across the apartment while enjoying the feel of it up my ass. The next two days, my friend wasn't due back, so I continued to fuck myself twice each day, and it all felt damn good :biggrin:. I still can't wait to try bottoming with a top though, instead of with a dildo....

-Der Jack
"Lately it occurs to me, what a long strange trip it's been"

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