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British Elections 2007
I can probably guess which answer is going to get the most votes but...

"Who will you be voting for in the May English, Welsh, and Scottish elections?"

Hey Ed,

I'm sick and tired of Labour... it's definately time for a change! Wink Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are just as bad as each other IMO! Lies, lies, lies and trying to pull the wool over our eyes while they waste billions on pointless wars and tax us ever more. Have you seen the other croanies at the top of the labour party? I really think they are all lizard aliens that can disguise themselves in human form! lol

Voting Lib Dem is just a wasted vote this time round - for me it has to be Conservatives. They will have to prove themselves in the 4 year term as they've been out of office for 12 years! I like how they are going to extend the 40% income tax threshold to over £55K, abolish inheritance tax and lots of others that have been introduced by Labour since they got in...

Catch you later,

Andy x
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

I've got a feeling that your views are felt across the country. Tories will definately come out on top but will still struggle in the inner cities (Although perhaps Brighton & Hove will be the first "City" they capture Andy!Wavey ) and Scotland. They may fair better in Wales.

Either way Labour will get a kicking and the Lib Dems will creep forward.

I think the biggest question that will come out of this is that of Scottish independance and what impact it will have on the whole UK.

Ed x

I always get excited around election time! Haha! But I don't know the political spectrum outside of the U.S. What is the Labour Party and Scot/Welsh Nationalist?


Hello matey!

The Labour Party are the British version of the Democrats in the US. They are a party built around the Unions and are on the centre left of the political spectrum. However in recent years the Party has became increasely uncomfortable that the leadership has moved too far to the right and this could cause problems in the forthcoming leadership contest when the Prime Minister stands down, widely rumoured to be very soon after the May 3rd Elections here in the UK.

I have put the Welsh and Scottish Nationalists together. Both Parties, Plaid Cymru and the Scottish Nationalist Party both want Wales and Scotland to be seperated from England. The Scottish Nationalists have seen a strong surge in support over recent weeks and are wisely expected to become the largest Party in the Scottish Parliament after May 3rd. However Plaid have not done too well and still struggle against a very strong Welsh Labour Party.

If you still reading I'm impressed! and I hope that answers your question!!

Ed x

Oh wow, separatists huh? That seems like something that should have happened ages ago and written about in history books. That really amazes and intrigues me! So why do the Welsh and Scots want to become independent states? Would there not be several economic, military, and social ramifications if that happened? Especially since population growth in all of those countries are already so that each subsequent generation cannot support the next - ya'll have it worse than we do in the states. I would think the more resources to draw from the better off. But, that's just me speakin' from an American's point of view, I don't know a thing about UK programs. In any case, thanks for the info.


Hmm, you as some good questions!!

Personally I have never heard a really convincing arguement for Scotland or Wales to make it on their own. There isn't really a lot of support in Wales and the appear reasonably happy to be with England (willing to be slapped down if someone on here disagree's!!). In Scotland however it looks like their nationalists will become the largest party and support may very well grow for Scotland to become its own state. Scottish Nationalists argue they can stand on their own two feet because of North Sea Oil. Hmm not convinced.

Anyway....I will be voting Tory. Centre Right is always the best way to go!! :tongue:

I'm Dutch so I'm not allowed to vote in Britain, but if I were I would probably vote for the Liberal Democrats. Tony Blair is far too long in power and I don't like his lies about the Iraq war.:mad:

But the Tories seem to right wing for me.

Jeez... the Conservatives are head to head with the I Dont Give a Fuck party winning with a difference! *bite nails*

Whoever wins i reckon they will follow the same tactics.

Hmm, and I think "I dont give a fuck" will probably do a better job!

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