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100 pound ideas
Hi guys,
I have been trying to think of ways to make money. Wondering if you have any ideas.
For example...if I had a hundred pounds, what could I use that for to make a profit? Something simple to get me started on the road to working for myself lol
I would love to know myself, so far the only thing I know of is writing apps.
Go to the nearest thrift shop , buy as many jeans as you can.
Pick up bleach and a small piece of chain fence.

Soak fence in bleach , place on jeans and there you have it designer jeans.
You can also shoot some of them.Xyxthumbs
You would be surprised at the profit I can turn by browsing thrift stores for cheap DVDS and Blu Rays, then turning around and selling them back to a pawn shop. The one near my own home pays rather nicely. Some days I can spend about $20 on DVDS, sell them to the pawn store and make about $15-$25 profit.

Doesn't sound like much I know, but every little bit extra helps Confusedmile:
I'd like to see some of those!

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I once got a keyboard that didn't work from a dollar bin at the Goodwill store and made a deal with a friend who knows electronics and he fixed it in less than an hour and for parts less than $10. He then placed an ad offering it for sale (don't recall if the price was that was included in his $10 or not) and sold it for $300. After that he took to shopping Goodwill and other places as well and repairing everything from radios to furniture and making a nice little profit on the side.

I just checked, 100 pounds equal $162.28 dollars.

The library should have books on how to make or repair (and sell) all kinds of things. I don't know if it would work there but I made huge profits before making dolls & toys and selling them as "originals." Not only that but those I sold them to sold them for much more than they bought them from me. I have no idea what's so magical about the word "original" ("collectible" can also work) but there's gold in it!
Dolls and charity shops. I guess i could give it a go. never know what hidden treasures i might find i guess Smile thanks guys.
Any more ideas welcomed too
My office hires a lady with her three female assistants to clean our office every single day. They vacuum, clean our desks and wash our dishes. They come to our office in the morning and in the evening.

We pay her around 500 bucks per month.

Yes, it looks little.

But our office is just one of the offices that she cleans up. She handles the whole 33 floors of our office building. Each floor has about 3 offices.

If I'm not mistaken, she also has a monthly contract cleaning few boutiques/shops at shopping malls nearby to our office building.

Her appearance and job can deceive you. Thinking, oh, she doesn't make a lot of money. But she's very wealthy thanks to her job and hard work.

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