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18-year-old schoolboy saying hello!
Hey! I'm an 18-year-old schoolboy who's just joined this site. I actually have something I need some advice about. It's a body-related thing. I'm very slim but I have a very big ass. It's related to my ass….
Hi AdamRomain, welcome to gayspeak!
Hello, I bet a lot of guys will help you with your ass problem...
I am the angles that hold and surround you

I am the demon you're afraid to meet
Welcome to GS.

We have a lot of asses here including at least one smartass in this thread.
Thank you!
I don't know if I should write about my ass-problem here or not?
You could use this thread, yeah, since you can't post in the getting help section until you have 50 posts.
Yeah I also suggest taking parts in the word games board, that should quickly get you over 50 posts.
Until then your posts might be stuck in the moderation queue, but I don't really know how that works.
Feathers Wrote:You could use this thread, yeah, since you can't post in the getting help section until you have 50 posts.

Oh, great, thank you!

Well I'll start at the beginning. When I was about 14 my ass started growing like crazy. My bottom had always been big but then it was like everything I ate went into my ass. But the rest of my body stayed slim. My waist is 28 inches but my butt is now over 40. I have pictures of my ass but I don't think I'd be allowed to show them on here.

This is hard in a number of ways. One is things like getting dressed. It's hard to find clothes that fit my waist and my ass. Other things are like going out in public. People stare and comment on my bottom. I've also been groped and followed from public transport. I think people have taken pictures of my ass in public too.

The other way my ass can make life hard is with other people. I think a lot of my friends look at my ass a lot. In class and in break times. My dad, who I live with alone, helps me with things like finding the right clothes and other things so that's good. But otherwise I guess I just need to try to come to terms with having an out-of-proportion bottom
Firstly, I have to ask whether you've spoken to your doctor about this?

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