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2011 Goals & Resolutions
my 2010 goal was simple "make more money" which I did, I made like 2000$ more than last year.

My 2011 goals are
1) Make more Money
2) HD 1080P TV (upgrade my sound system)
3) FlipCam

My Resolutions for 2011
1) Try not to fucking swear as much. ( Not Likely)
2) Be more social ( don't spend as much time on the playstation)
3) Spend less money on unless things like DVD an Comic Books ( also not likely)

Anyone else make new year goals.
No. If a goal is worth the bother of thinking about it can be devised at any time of the year.
Yeah I like to have resolutions too... I also have three for 2011:

1) Be more open with people
2) Hit the gym at least 4x a week
3) Work my ass off and get in to law school

Sure you can set goals for yourself anytime but the new year is a great time to think back on the good and bad stuff from the last 12 months and think about what could be better going forward.
Hmm, goals for 2011: go on my first date, meet or see one celebrity in person, get a new car, buy a bed.
I have only one

Move my lover in with me
TimmyThink Wrote:my 2010 goal was simple "make more money" which I did, I made like 2000$ more than last year.

My 2011 goals are
1) Make more Money

Money money money money money....MONEY

I have the unreasonable expectation of being a buff hotty by my 30th birthday, which involves a diet change and a whole lot of cardio besides weightlifting...

my new years resolution is increased vanity, and to work towards a full time career job rather than part time junk.
Vanity is as justifiable as greed Sil
i losed weiht it is a new year resoltian to lose more weite and be slim
1. hit 60 articles in Wikipedia and get one to be featured
2. find a special person
3. re-read Harry Potter
4. make an awfully cool garden
5. date
In 2011 i hope to...
Learn from my past relationships to make an awesome one
Have same summer as last year (lying out in the park with friends in the sun without a care in the world )Rolleyes

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