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85 nations sign UN statement defending LGBT people
princealbertofb Wrote:With fits and starts probably... In the meantime, France has just rejected gay mariage and makes us look like losers compared with such countries as our neighbour Belgium or even former Catholic countries like Spain and Portugal. Who'd have thought?
Yes, the rejection of same-sex marriage in France is a poor show. Unfortunately there are some very powerful voices being raised against us. Marine Le Pen seems like a charming woman - not! Definitely someone to watch out for in the coming elections. France may be in for a bigger scare than in 2002.

Quote:Ms Le Pen said she was "totally" opposed to same-sex marriage and that the French people, not the constitutional court, should decide on its validity.

She said she believed that most homosexuals did not want the right to marry either.

"The vast majority of homosexuals are not demanding the right to be different but the right to be left alone," the far-right leader said. more

More on Marine Le Pen

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