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A date at a bar.
So Since I am an uber noob at this dating thing I need you guys to help me out here. If i were to take someone on a date to a bar. How exactly do I drink and by that I mean, How can I drink lightly. I'm not looking to get wasted or anything. Perhaps you can tell me the strong stuff from the weak stuff and how much of the weak stuff I should have. I don't trust anyone in giving me this info irl because I'm afraid they just want to see the way I act when I'm drunk. So please to any of you bar flies or experts PLEASE HELP ME OUT! I am one with a sweet tooth. I dislike bitter drinks, if that helps you out some. :eek:
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Well...I was a bartender in a gay bar for 20 years so I think I know the answer to this!

Get a snifter of brandy ...warm it up if you like...and a back of club soda with lime or mineral water. I use this trick for myself when I used to drink and gamble in Reno:biggrin:

When you begin to feel lightheaded lay off until you have a nice balance..drink two tonic or soda waters for each brandy. Make sure you sip the brandy...just basically wet your lips.

Don't mix any kind of sugar with alcohol or you will risk a hangover...brandy and soda will save you this hassle.

Have fun on your date.
If neat brandy isn't your thing (it should be!) try alternating a drink with a bottle of water?
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Or if you like wine, have a wins spritzer and sip it, make one last 30-45 minutes. I personally like green faeries, but then you drink one of those, two sodas, then another drink - Absinthe is strong, licorice flavored, but it's good if you like black licorice.
Fruit juices, sodas, sparkling water... No alcoholic stuff, you don't necessarily need it....
I'm afraid if I make a request for soda or fruit juices I'll look like a lightweight/ loser. So it sounds like you guys are suggesting that I water down any drink I get with a side drink.
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ManicLewis21 Wrote:I'm afraid if I make a request for soda or fruit juices I'll look like a lightweight/ loser.

Don't be. Alcohol is not compulsory. Thumbgrin
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
I love beer n.n tho it's not to everyones liking
Just order something you can sip on slowly and enjoy, wine, brandy,scotch, etc. remember that you are there to enjoy someone else's company, not to get drunk and act like a fool. Besides too much alcohol and great sex don't go together! Be yourself.
well if you don't want to get drunk, a glass of wine is the solution... You simply can't drink wine like beer Wink

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