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A silent prayer to die
What is the point with anything? Everything is just in vein, everything is pointless. Being borne, raised, study, study, working till retire, retire, feeling sad and empty, mourning those whose past, die... Chain of life... going to nowhere. Why work? why study?, You study to work, you work to pay bills of things you don't need, you get kids and works more to pay for them instead of spending time with them, always constant consumption. Our only purpose is to consume, we have no use, humanity is like a disease, looting everything till there is nothing left then move to another, looting to fill a hole that no man can fill as our life has no meaning, no point. As whatever we do it will always root into a waste of time, a waste of life. It will eventually end the same way, for everyone... We only live to live another day, spending time only to survive. What have you done, that is good? Worked all your life, to feed the destructive society we live in? To obey the law and the corrupt system we live in? We have no real freedom, our lives has been controlled and put into hands of others all your life... Your life is not yours, your life is a product of the market, until the day you no longer is needed. In what way are we free? Everyone is always telling us what to do and what is true and not. Whether we know it or not. Everything has a twisted meaning behind it, to control us and to manipulate us to do things... Who needs TV? Obviously the government as it is they who put hidden messages daily into us trough it. TV serves a little purpose unless to mind control, to feed us with ignorance... only to make us more stupid, only to make us more obedient. Knowledge is power they know, and by steadily removing it gives them power, as a kid with no knowledge is so dependent on they're parents makes them us more dependent on them. Democracy is an illusion... talking bullshit and promises crap that we don't need. The only difference between Democracy and dictatorship is that we "Vote" who is going to govern, who is going to rule us. Hierarchy will never fail........ But even if we lived in anarchy... the question is why? why is that going to make me happy? gives total freedom my life any meaning? NO... we will always spend our time unwisely and at the end regretting it. It isn't always other humans that controls, our genes, our DNA, our own bloody body. What is love? Why is there love? Love only exist so we can fall stupidly inlove and to fuck more so we will bring more meaningless life into this world. What is the point in knowledge also? Why do we need it and for what for? Why do we need to know where and why life exist? Why do we need a meaning? Why do we always dramatize things? Why do everything have to be logical or emotional? Why aren't we as animal? Clueless and happy? Why do we need to know?

Why do I need to live? Can't just anyone just point a gun and shoot me?
Hi Anon,
We all ask those questions at one point or another.
Death is never the answer , It's only the beginning of a never ending wheel of pain that hurts all of those that have been privileged enough to know you.

Perhaps right now , you feel as if you and you alone, are carrying the world on your shoulders.
Let me share this burden with you.

Talk to me.
The question of the meaning of life :-)

My very simple answer : Don't ask: live !
Proud to be Gay & Pagan

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31.10 Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween
21.12 Yule
STOP eating Animals !
From something I recorded just after it happened on Dec 18, 2005:

Quote:I had gotten off the comp this morn when a friend that I had just emailed a few minutes before called (since she knew I was up). She wanted us to go surfing with them. Having just gotten over a flu, I was thinking of saying no, but my roomie really wanted to go, so I agreed.

I am so glad for that.

We surfed as normal and the lingering depression and such from fighting off the flu was banished and I really enjoyed myself and the company. The morn was cloudy, but it was still beautiful, with fog in the distant hills, and the ocean itself vanishing off into the distant mists. There was rain, but it was very light--I'm not even sure it counts as rain. And hardly matters when you're in a wetsuit anyway.

And then the wind picked up. Friends had a wonderful idea, to try windsurfing. This was interesting, and I wasn't sure about it, having never done it before. When I finally tried, it took me some minutes just to not fall over, though they said I picked it up really fast. It was difficult because I had to hold my feet differently, and dealing with the harness. But at some point, WHOOSH, the SPEED! I couldn't help it: I screamed with joy, and I was SO glad we had come.

And then the sun broke through.... not direct, but close. The water turned from gray to aqua, and I was suddenly recalling when I was like 6-10, how I'd get up before Mom & Dad (and often before dawn back then) and go outside and explore, play, go to friend's houses.... I felt so free and there was a stark beauty to life that I rarely feel (at least sober) since I guess I became a teen. And then I surpassed even that, and I reached a state that was nothing less than ecstasy, I'd say on par (though distinct and different in its own way) to mindaltering dancing or sex, and perhaps even more fulfilling in its own way.

If there was any doubt about fighting to survive the dark times in my life, it was dispelled at this moment of utter beauty in which I lived totally within this miraculous moment, my shout and my heart praising the Goddess of Life and for this moment in Life, one that was worth every horror and ache I had endured just to be here. Tears came down my face (just a few), and I knew that when I die, should my life flash before my eyes, this exact moment will be replayed, and if it affects my body at all, I will smile then, at peace, knowing it was all worth it in part to this one ineffable moment.

What else is there to say? My cold seemed to come back but it went away again, and it was hardly even noted (at least not by me--and we were all wet enough anyway). I found out that the wind was LIGHT (like how fast would I have gone in a HIGH wind???) Because we messed with the boards (including the beginner board I had borrowed), we failed to miss the churches getting out and ended up eating at a Pizza Hut for awhile to give the traffic a chance to die down more.

Now I am home. I've showered, dishes are now washing, warms are washing and hots are drying. Today was awesome, and I'm sharing. If you get a chance to try something new like that, and to be out in nature in a way that helps you to fuse with it, if just for a moment, then avail yourself of the moment. If more people did, psychiatry would be an endangered profession.

As the Wiccans say, Blessed Be (it seems appropiate to now).
Sounds to me someone is depressed.

The point of life is to become more than.... More than what? Depends on the person and where they are.

In essence you are asking 'what is the meaning of life?'

there is no easy single answer, reveals how it is an individual thing.

Quote:The meaning of life is deeply mixed with the philosophical and religious conceptions of existence, social ties, consciousness, and happiness, and touches many other issues, such as symbolic meaning, ontology, value, purpose, ethics, good and evil, free will, conceptions of God, the existence of God, the soul, and the afterlife.

Each of us has different views on all of these aspects.

It is up to you to find meaning for your life - no one else can do that for you. Just like no one could find a 'meaning' for my life when I asked these same questions.

You are not alone, many people ask these questions and debate with themselves the 'underlying truth' and if its worthwhile to continue to live.

Most of us find reasons to live, some of us do not and do opt out of life.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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Quote:First you don't exist, then you exist, then you don't exist. So, this whole thing is just an interruption from not existing.

I'm not gonna sit here at try and cheer you up, because I feel much like you do.
You and I are far from the first to feel this way, and I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, I'm sure.
I just don't want you to get to the end, when or wherever that may be, and regret spending the time you had thinking about this kind of stuff.
for me anyway i find being christian meaningful and i think you can be gay and christian

try Judaism

try Buddhism or something

i think truman capote was a gay christian

you must live in a redneck town or something

suicide sucks
HollandofFrance Wrote:for me anyway i find being christian meaningful and i think you can be gay and christian

try Judaism

try Buddhism or something

i think truman capote was a gay christian

you must live in a redneck town or something

suicide sucks

try paganism
no churches - every believer stands in cold rain or snow.... and while you pray plants grow to your knees.... ehh... it seems that I´m not good in promotion. :redface:
Proud to be Gay & Pagan

[Image: pentagramm.gif]

31.10 Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween
21.12 Yule
STOP eating Animals !
Buddy I don't think you need to have that much on your shoulders, just think rationally, calm down and think through your options.
Anonymous Wrote:Why do I need to live? Can't just anyone just point a gun and shoot me?

No one can tell you what the point is per se, but I feel to harbor some resent for anyone thinking this way. One year ago December 10th, a man that I can call the best friend I've had in my entire life hung himself. I don't know what more to say, but I just can't stand when people think of doing something like this to all of the people around them. i felt it, and trust me, it hurts.... it hurts a lot. I had to be informed by two state troopers, after they crammed me in the back of their squad car and dragged me to the station, because they were certain my apartment wasn't the best place to break the news (they were right). And so I sat there, facing two complete strangers with straight somber faces... I feared that I knew what they were going to tell me, but hadn't the slightest idea who it could have been. Well it turned out that is was Stephen Eagal, a friend of mine who I had quite literally spent part of every single day with throughout the past two years..... it really really really hurt. It's not even remotely explicable.... I still think of him every single day..... I even still have a folder on my desktop which contains every photo of him I have. I'm only thankful that I was the last person shown to call him on his cell phone, that's why I was one of the first people to hear that night. I couldn't believe it, I had even walked over to his house that night to see what was up, but all the lights were off, so I walked away..... Please don't even consider doing this to the people that love you, let alone the people you love.....

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