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A streetlight that can detect floods and prevent disease
Or perhaps the soft yellow lights mimic a campfire, since we evolved with fire at night for cooking and safety.

Since I'm colorblind, those old orange sodium vapor lights greatly interfere with my ability to read traffic lights. I have little idea which color traffic light is illuminated. Scary. I haven't seen what LEDs do to me yet.[/QUOTE]
It's easy, Camfer. The red is on the top, or is it the bottom... Anyway yellow is in the middle or maybe on the bottom.

If Edison had started out with LED lighting we would probably still be using candles. I once saw the light from an early bulb and it was quite dim. The long lasting, low energy usage bulbs that I have been buying lately are a great improvement over the first ones that came out. The range of lighting than can be used can make a huge difference in work situations. I once worked with a fellow who used different kinds of fluorescent lighting in various parts of the office. He changed the lighting to daylight strength over my desk and it made a great difference in my energy level over the course of the day.
I bid NO Trump!
LJay Wrote:It's easy, Camfer. The red is on the top, or is it the bottom... Anyway yellow is in the middle or maybe on the bottom.

Yeah easy, and then you have horizontal traffic signals, possible left and right arrows in both red and yellow, on both horizontal and vertical configurations, and sometimes the arrows change colors and sometimes there's one arrow for red and another for yellow and a third for green. So, not confusing at all.

The most common colorblindness is red/green color blind, so who was the smarty-pants who chose this color scheme? Oftentimes when I look at a traffic signal, two lights appear to be illuminated at once. I think it's the green and the yellow.

As soon as there are "driverless" cars, I am buying one!

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