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Advice on relationships
Since there normally ends up being threads on any gay relationship about relationships and their breakdowns I thought it might be a good idea for a thread where everyone can collectively give their advice on what they feel adds to or makes a good relationship. Maybe people can use this thread to ask questions and get answers rather then start the same thread as "poster A" did just last week/month. I'll start with my one which I see so often as an issue over the internet for anyone regardless of sexuality.

You don't need to be in your partners pocket all of the time, relax and give each other some alone time to do what you or they want to do. Be comfortable that you or your partner can have your own lives as well as the life that you have together. It could even end up in interesting discussion between you and your partner. Also allow them to have their own friends which can help with this as well, there's nothing worse then having all of the same people within one social circle in my opinion. I think it also helps you to be your own person still despite being in the relationship.

For example, my partner loves rugby and has a season ticket for his favourite team, when he goes to rugby he gets to enjoy being with his mates watching them and I can use that time to to something myself. I effectively tell him to leave me alone and enjoy the matches if he messages or calls me during this time because I understand that it is something that he loves and don't want to detract from the experience. When we're together after all of this I get told everything that happened and speak about what I've been doing with my time, it also helps me know my partner a little better each time. Before he got the season ticket he even asked me if it was okay for him to do so, I was fine with this and even questioned why he was asking for permission as I would never have stopped him from doing this. Those 3-4 hours, several days each month isn't going to change how we feel about each other. We have a massive amount of communication and know what the other person is doing 99% of the time.
Honesty and Communication

Both. Extremely important.

When I see relationship questions, the HUGE majority of the time the issue in the question really boils down to one or both of the people in the relationship not being honest.... or lack of honest communication between the two.
I suppose being open to suggestion.
"Would you like me to give you a blow job? I'd be quite happy to give you a blow job. But if you don't feel you need one, I won't be offended. We can keep it for some other time when it's needed. However I'm ready to give you a blow job right now, if it's required. :biggrin: "
On a similar note:
"Would you like to come shopping with me? I need to go shopping now and I'd be quite happy for you to come with me. However if you don't feel like coming shopping, you can stay home and I won't be offended. We can go shopping together at a later date, when you feel like it. I'm now going to go shopping, so are we going together? No? Ok, what would you like me to bring you back from the shops? :biggrin: :biggrin:"

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